Middle Park Toy Library

  1. About this service

    Provides a toy lending service which assists families by making available toys to assist with childhood development. The service has a wide selection of toys including indoor and outdoor toys.

      • Service name

        Middle Park Toy Library

      • Service address

        Middle Park Community Centre, 256 Richardson Street Middle Park VIC
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      • Additional sites

        Various sites - available in Port Melbourne, Elwood, St Kilda

      • Phone

        0448 902 378

      • Urgency levels

        Just Curious, Some Help

      • Service area

        City of Port Phillip

      • Service hours

        Various times - contact service directly

      • Age group

        Maximum age 8 years

      • Service type


      • Costs

        Membership fees apply -

    More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service professionals

      • Participation length

        As Required

      • Participation type


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