1. Education, Training and Employment


      Education, Training and Employment

    • Aspendale Youth Cove (AYC) (Kingston Youth Services)

      Provides an exciting program of youth focused activities in a designated youth space in Aspendale...

      Contact: 1300 369 436

      Provided by: City of Kingston

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Learning - VCAL

    • Holmesglen Vocational College

      Provides Intermediate and Senior VCAL pathways which include Apprenticeships and further study....

      Contact: 9209 5105

      Provided by: Holmesglen

      Referral by: Anyone

    • VCAL (The Hester Hornbrook Academy)

      Provides Foundation, Intermediate and Senior VCAL through an alternative pathway option to...

      Contact: 1800 517 218

      Provided by: Melbourne City Mission

      Referral by: Anyone

    • School

    • Homies Tutoring and Mentoring Program

      Provides free homework help program for primary school students in the South Melbourne and...

      Contact: 0491 029 076

      Provided by: Homies Tutoring and Mentoring Program

      Referral by: Anyone - contact service directly

    • Training and Employment

    • Creating Connections - Education, Employment and Training Links

      Provides case management supports to young people through a re-engagement program designed to...

      Contact: 9534 3685

      Provided by: Partnership - Hanover, MOIRA, SKYS...

      Referral by: Anyone

    • HEAT (Hospitality, Employment And Training) (SKYS)

      Provides young people with opportunity to gain qualifications in hospitality through a practical...

      Contact: 9696 5340

      Provided by: Melbourne City Mission

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Jumpstart (SKYS)

      Provides a re-engagement program to get young people back into education and employment. Assists...

      Contact: 9534 3685/0434 155 575

      Provided by: Melbourne City Mission

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Melbourne Gateway Reconnect

      Provides support in securing housing, work, education and training opportunities.

      Contact: 9611 2420

      Referral by: Anyone

    • Moongala Women's Community House

      Provides a range of activities including training, self help and support groups, social and...

      Contact: 9570 3468

      Provided by: Moongala Women's Community House

      Referral by: Anyone

    • PeopleWorx (Family Life)

      Provides work experience and training opportunities to young people. Also provides personal...

      Contact: 8599 5490

      Provided by: Family Life

      Referral by: Anyone