City of Port Phillip

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Agency Services

  • Immunisation (City of Port Phillip)

    Provides 7 immunisation sessions each month at 6 different venues across the municipality....

    Contact: 9209 6383

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  • Integrated Family Services (City of Port Phillip)

    Provides case management parenting support for families via the Integrated Family Services...

    Contact: 9209 6597

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  • Maternal and Child Health Service (City of Port Phillip)

    Provides support to families in the areas of parenting, health and development, promotion of...

    Contact: 9209 6766

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  • Middle Years Support Program (City of Port Phillip)

    Provides early intervention for young people 8-11 and their families that live, work or play in...

    Contact: 9209 6777 or 0466 451 971

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  • Skinner's Adventure Playground (City of Port Phillip)

    Provides recreation, support and leadership opportunities.

    Contact: 9209 6352 or 0403 447 536

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  • St Kilda Adventure Playground (City of Port Phillip)

    Provides recreation, support, leadership opportunities.

    Contact: 9209 3689

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  • Student Leadership Program (City of Port Phillip)

    Provides an annual leadership development and practical skills program for both primary...

    Contact: 9209 6777

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  • Supported Playgroups (City of Port Phillip)

    Supported playgroup is a free 10-week group for caregivers and children zero to five years...

    Contact: 0412 514 421

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  • Youth Advisory Committee (City of Port Phillip)

    Provides a forum for passionate young people who want to make a difference in their community,...

    Contact: 0434 074 515

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  • Youth Events (including FReeZA) (City of Port Phillip)

    Provides events and participation opportunities for young people.

    Contact: 9209 6167

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  • Youth Support (City of Port Phillip)

    Provides Youth Support for young people aged 12 to 25 living, working or studying in the City of...

    Contact: 9209 6777 or 0466 733 319

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