How to Search

Searching on

There are many ways to search for services in the Child and Youth Directory.  You can search by audience (who the service is for), level of need, using keywords, type of service, age, lists of services and agencies, and also by local area.  Watch our you tube video or scroll down for written instructions:

Tip 1:       
You can follow the search path to see where you are in the directory by looking at the search path or ‘breadcrumbs’.  The breadcrumbs are located just below the Child and Youth Directory purple banner.

You can click on an underlined page to take you back.


Tip 2:      
Return to the home page at any time by

  • clicking the home icon in the banner,  
  • click on ‘Home’ in the breadcrumb path.

Start your search on the home page

  • Search by Audience and Level of need
  • Print Service Information or Email a friend
  • Use the Know what you’re looking for box to search by: keyword, service type, age
  • Use the A-Z Service and Agency lists
  • Search for services in a local area
  • Info for Service Providers


  • Search by Audience and Level of need


Step 1

Choose the Audience: Select the audience from the tabs along the top of the page. The audience is ‘who the service is for’ – not who is searching.  For example – for a parent looking for a speech therapy service for a young child, select ‘child’ on the audience option row  


Step 2

Choose the Level of need.  Four levels of service need are shown in the coloured triangle below, along with a description of the type of services at each level. Select the level that best suits what you are looking for.   


When you have selected the level of need, a list of Service Types (or categories) will appear.

For example:  Selecting child audience and just curious will take you to the page shown below


Step 3

From the Service Categories, choose the type of service you are looking for. This will take you to a new page with a map showing the location of services and a list of services sorted by subcategories. 

For example:  Selecting the Disability category – will take you to a new page, again with a map.  The tabs for the subcategories available will be listed below the map. The services will be listed by subcategories.


Step 4

The list of services are sorted by sub-categories.  The available sub-categories are listed below the map as purple tabs.

Go to the services listed under the available subcategories by either -

  • clicking on the subcategory tab or                  
  • scroll through the list of services until you reach the subcategory you are seeking.

Services are listed by name, with a brief sentence about what the service provides, a contact number, the agency or organisation that provides the service, and a link for more information. 


Step 5

For each service, more information is available by following the More Info link.  The link takes you to the service information page which gives a range of information about the service including eligibility criteria (such as age), address and website links.  


At the base of this service information page is a tab: ‘More information for teachers, wellbeing staff and service providers’.  This tab provides information that may be useful when making or considering a referral to the service – such as who can make a referral.


  • Print Service Information or Email a friend

The print button and an email a friend buttons are at the end of the information page for each service.

Use the Print button to produce a print friendly copy of the service information.  

The Email a friend button will help you share the information. 

  • Using the ‘Know what you’re looking for?’ box

You can also search using the keyword search or service type search. Search using one option at a time first.   If you want to narrow your search, you can use the options together.  You can also search for services by age.  

  • Search for services in a local area

You can limit your search to services within a local council area.  From the home page, choose the council area by selecting one of the council logos below the triangle.  


When you have selected a council area, you will be taken to a landing page for that council area.  Each council landing page has the council logo in the page banner along with the council name.  


On each council landing page, you will again be given the range of search options above.

The council area selected appears darkened on the map below the triangle.  From within a local area landing page, you can change to another local area.  Click on one of the other shaded areas on the map.  This will take you to the new local area landing page. Alternatively, you can go back to the home page and select the chosen area from under the triangle.


  • Additional Information for Service Providers

When you have selected the Service Provider Audience tab from the home page, at the base of the page you will see Further Information.  Here you will find a listing of relevant websites and policies for child, youth and family services and agencies.

Individual council landing pages may also have information relevant to the council area.